Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Milk and Cookies - Back to School Bash!

Milk and Cookies 002
For my church calling in Activity Days I decided to do a Book Swap. My kids are always looking for new books to read. I had each of the girls bring a book to swap and we met after school. Since school had just started back I decided to do a "Milk and Cookies" Theme. I went to work collecting these awesome jars. They are Starbucks Frapachino's. Since I don't drink coffee and didn't want to waste, my friend took the jars to her work and had her co-workers drink them! I collected about 50 jars and have used them for several parties since. I found an old book at the thrift store to make the banner and the pinwheels. It was a really fun time and the girls went home with some great books!
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