Monday, March 23, 2015

Bunny Bait-MMMmmm Monday

I love spring and I love the popcorn popping on the all the beautiful trees.  

When my kids were a few years younger (like 10 years ago!) and the blossoms started popping they would begin to remind me that it was time to visit our nearby "Bunny Park." 

We loved the bunny park in the spring.  The park has lots of beautiful old oak trees with acres of underbrush, perfect for baby bunnies.  There would be lots of mama bunnies hiding in the thicket protecting their babies from their enemies... and curious children.  Every once in awhile the mama bunnies emerge from the bushes and go hopping through the park.  Sometimes we would see up to 20 or 30 bunnies all throughout the huge park.  All the kids would squeal and start chasing them in all directions.   Those bunnies were so fast!  

After several trips to the park without even getting close to those quick little fur balls we finally got smart and started bringing Bunny Bait (mostly bread crumbs).  We didn't try to hold the cute bunnies but we did get close enough, with our bunny bait, to feed them.  

Sweet childhood memories of spring at the Bunny Park.  Now that my kids are older they still like bunnies but our "bait" has changed a bit.

Here's our Bunny Bait recipe:

Mix together: Bugles, Chex Mix (the cheesy kind), Reeses p-butter eggs, small pastel colored malt ball eggs, M&M's, pastel colored candy corn, and Warhead Sour Jelly Beans.

Popped the mix in a mason jar with a cute label (from simplykierste) and twine.  There you have it...Bunny Bait!

Happy Spring...and newborn Bunnies!

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Honey Lime Chicken Enchilada's - MMMmmm Monday

I got this yummy recipe from my friend Janay during a recipe swap. It has been one I have used over and over. There are lots of different Honey Lime Chicken Enchilada's out there, but this one is by far my favorite. Thanks Janay! I also saw an almost identical recipe on this site.

Honey lime Chicken Enchilada's

1/3 cup Honey
1/4 cup Lime Juice (or 2 large Limes)
2 tsp. to 1 Tbsp. Chili Powder
2 large Garlic cloves, finely minced
1 pound chicken, cooked and shredded
12 Flour or Corn Tortilla's
2 cups Mexican Blend Cheese
1 can Black Beans
1 14 oz can Green Enchilada Sauce
1/2 to 3/4 cup Heavy Cream
non stick cooking spray
1 Tbsp chopped cilantro, to garnish

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place cooked and shredded chicken in a medium sized bowl. Set aside. In a small bowl, place the honey, lime juice, chili powder and minced garlic. Whisk together thoroughly to combine. Pout this mixture over the chicken and cover with plastic wrap. Allow to marinate for 30 minutes.

Spray sides of a 9x13 baking dish with cooking spray. In a medium bowl combine the Enchilada Sauce and Heavy Cream. Spread about 1/2 cup of the mixture in the bottom of 9x13 pan. 

Add a large spoonful (about 1/4 cup)  of the chicken mixture down the center of each tortilla. Cover with a big pinch of cheese, then roll tortilla up. Place enchilada seam side down in baking dish. 

Repeat with the remaining chicken, cheese and tortillas. Use the remainder of cheese for topping the enchiladas in the pan. Pour the remaining green enchilada sauce over the top of the enchiladas. Bake at 30 to 35 minutes or until cheese is melted and bubbly. Serve with this delicious Cilantro Lime Rice recipe from I heart naptime.