Thursday, June 6, 2013

Law School Graduation Party

Yay!!!!! He did it!!! 3 long years of Law School are over for my husband.
Now, 3 long months of studying for the Bar. ;)
We both got diploma's (I especially liked mine!) and it was time to PAR-TAY!!!!
I decided to go with an "office" themed party. I tried to track down a water cooler to put the drinks in but no one I knew had one. So if you ever plan an office themed party, you might want to look into that! One other thing I wish that I would have done is hire a photographer. I was too busy to take very many pictures, especially during the party.
I spent months collecting things like a gavel, Law and Justice Scale and "officey" items. (yes, that's a real word) I actually had a lot of it on hand already so it wasn't too expensive.
As you can see I used my 3 tiered cupcake tower as well as my Homework Caddy to display many of the treats. The tutorial's for those crafts are here and here
My friend Nita from Teaspoon of Love made all of these delicious desserts!
Mini Key Lime Pie's & Peanut Butter Cheesecake Swirl Brownies
Pretzel Brownies & Mini Cheesecakes
 Trifle Push Pop's
Strawberry Crème Jello
Chewy Chocolate Mint & Brown Butter Snickerdoodles - YUM!
We also served some delicious appetizers that several of my friends helped to make and bring.
I made the simple single serving Veggies & Dip - always a hit and so easy!
Black Bean Salsa and lots of other goodies! 
For the drinks I served Limeaid and Water. Very refreshing! 

1 can limeade concentrate
2  2-liter bottles of sprite
Lots of ice
I asked party goers to please share their "Key's to Success" with Brent. He got some great advice!
My 16 year old son DJ'd the event. He had a great time and did a great job. The music was a great mix and everyone had a great time!

 So proud of you Brent! 


  1. Congrats to Brent! The party looks awesome. You truly outdid yourself. Love that DJ ��

  2. How wonderful. Congratulations to Brent and you Jen. I just wish we lived closer so we could come to some of these amazing parties.

  3. How fun! Congrats to Brent :) That is so exciting that he made it through. What an awesome step for you guys!

  4. This is wonderful! Congratulations to you both! Where did you get your cute stationary/place cards??

  5. Lucas I made the place cards out of some clip art that I had. I got the free clip art at and it is called "Not Too Shabby Sampler: Penelope"

  6. Where did you get the small clear bowls for the veggies and dip??