Sunday, June 2, 2013

Superhero Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

At the end of the school year the PTA at my kids school puts on a Teacher Appreciation Luncheon for our teachers. I am on the hospitality committee and this falls under our job description.
I was trying to think of a fun theme and remembered this fun party I had for Jackson a few years ago. With a few small tweaks to the fabulous clip art from Andersruff we had our theme! I took the idea from this Logo I had been seeing on Pinterest:

I started by sending out this invitation to all the teachers:
Just like a few years ago for my son's party, my mom was in town and I got her to work making more capes! This time she had to make 35! Is she a great mom or what? Seriously...she's amazing. She got to work in the Holtry room. She may not want to come back again for a while!
After the capes were sewn I went to work on my amazing silhouette! I have to say, I was pretty nervous about this cutting fabric. I was SO pleasantly surprised when it cut the first shield out perfectly!
 I do recommend using the Silhouette brand heat transfer fabric interfacing and not wonder under. I tried that and it did not work very well when I went to iron the shield on to the cape.
After all the decorations were made and food ordered it was time for the party!
 Each teacher received a cape as they arrived!
  Then they enjoyed a delicious lunch of salad's, bread, fruit and a few other goodies
 including these delicious Trifle Push Pops from my friend Nita's company Teaspoon of Love

 The teacher's also got a kick out of the pictures my friend Marcy made of them as superhero's. We thought they were hilarious!


It turned out to be a GREAT day and we hope all our wonderful teachers felt appreciated.


  1. Wow! This went above and beyond! Cute ideas. May be calling you if I ever have to host one.

  2. Jen,
    I'm looking for an image to do the same type headshot/hero costume mash up for my teacher appreciation week. I love yours…any suggestions?

  3. Hi Amy- I had a friend of mine who is great at photo shop make the image. It's Mr & Mrs. Incredible. I think she just got the image offline and changed the colors of the outfits. I was also thinking Wonder Woman would be a great one to use! Good luck!

  4. hi Amy I am doing this theme for my school in April and I was wondering how you created the flyer or did you order it? thanks Karla

  5. Hi Karla- I ordered the clip art and invitations from Andersruff. Here is the link:
    I think it's something that could be easily recreated though with all the superhero clip art out there.
    Good luck!!

  6. Where did you get the image of the lightbulb super hero insignia? I have been searching everywhere for it.

    1. I made the symbol in my silhouette studio software. I would be happy to e-mail it to you. It may only open in studio though, not sure. If you would like me to e-mail it to you, just leave you e-mail address and I will send it or e-mail me at

  7. Hi love love this decorations you did! amazing
    im planning the teachers welcome back to school breakfast for next august?
    can you help me with the image? of the light bulb? superhero insignia?
    I'll really appreciate it
    my email is
    thank you so much

  8. Hi thank you so much is me again, I just posted many pictures of our Super hero teacher breakfast hope u have time to look around thank you

  9. I love all your ideas and wondered if you could send me your file for the light bulb picture you put in those white frames? We are doing a super hero theme for our teacher appreciation in 2 weeks and would love to use those.

  10. my email address is

  11. Could you please message me ASAP. I have some questions. Our teacher appreciation week starts April 3rd and we are doing the superhero theme. I would love to get this luncheon invite with our info on it. My email is

  12. I love the individual teachers pictures as super heroes. Our department is doing appreciation week in October and we want to do a poster board with all our pictures. Where can I find the printable?

    1. Sorry, A friend of mine made it in photo shop. No printable available.