Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fancy Nancy Birthday Party

I'm so excited to share with you an amazing party a friend of mine did for her adorable little girl. From start to finish Janay went all out on this Fancy Nancy party! I have to admit, I really didn't have a clue about how popular Fancy Nancy books are. I have a daughter but don't remember hearing much about it.
This is the darling invitation that she sent to the party guests.
 photo KananiFinal.jpg
It happened to be raining that day, so as the girls arrived she had her adorable son, Alika walk to their cars with his umbrella and escort them into the house. What a chivalrous young man! photo DSC01063.jpg
 photo DSC01052.jpg
Look at this fancy ensemble!
 photo DSC01064.jpg
Once the girls came inside they were invited to add to their already fancy attire!
 photo DSC01077.jpg
The girls were served crepes to go with the French theme on this adorable table setting 
 photo DSC01126.jpg

 photo DSC01099.jpg

 photo DSC01112.jpg
The dessert table had all the goodies you could ask for!
 photo kananisbday023.jpg
and more!
 photo kananisbday024.jpg
Oreo's A La Chocolate (That's fancy for chocolate covered oreo's) 
 photo kananisbday031.jpg
Truffles (That's fancy for bite sized chocolate!)
 photo DSC01082.jpg
Petit Cakes (That's fancy for cupcakes) served in these cute tea cups
 photo kananisbday030.jpg
The girls were also treated to some Fancy Nancy books by Janay
 photo DSC01147.jpg
It turned out to be a wonderful and fancy day!
 photo kbday4.jpg
Thanks Kanani for sharing your special day with us!!
Here are the printable tags and banners from the party for you to use at your own Fancy Nancy party or if you would like them in pdf form leave a comment with your e-mail address and I will send them over.



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