Monday, July 1, 2013

MMMmmm Monday - Sweet and Salty treats

Kellie and I must be on a Ritz kick. Both of us have made recipes the last few weeks involving Ritz crackers. These are by far my favorite crackers. I love the rich and buttery taste. Sometimes I have a few with a slice of cheese and sometimes I make these delicious goodies with them.
Behold the Ritz Peanut Butter Treats!
Several years ago a friend of mine brought over these delightful treats. The first bite I couldn't quite tell what they were. I knew there was peanut butter and obviously it was dipped in chocolate {cant go wrong there} but what was that crunchy goodness. Well she explained that it was 2 Ritz crackers. I couldn't believe it. SO DELISH! And talk about easy! These can be made in under a half hour.
Start by spreading CHUNKY peanut butter on one Ritz cracker and then place the other cracker to make a sandwich. It doesn't have to be chunky, but I think it tastes better. All I had on hand to make them today was creamy and I definitely can say I prefer the chunky!
Next, melt almond bark (or any dipping chocolate) and dip sandwiches in it. I like to use a fork when I dip. 
 Then I tap away the excess. Just like I do when dipping my Oreo Truffles
Place on wax or parchment paper to let dry
I dizzled some chocolate on them to make them look more festive. As you can see I tried to make these Red, White and Blue for the 4th of July and I failed miserably.... Pink, White and Blue ? Grrr....
I also decided to make some {semi} healthy treats. I sandwiched 2 slices of banana with a dab of peanut butter, froze it for a few minutes and then dipped in chocolate. Ok, not quite so healthy with the chocolate so feel free to leave it off. They are yummy either way!
Bananas and Peanut Butter Before
and after.
I hope you try these yummy treats and thanks to my friend Pam for sharing this treat with me!


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