Friday, July 5, 2013

Bridal Shower with a Vintage Flair

 That's what the bride to-be requested!  Loved the idea and love the soon-to-be bride so we started planning.  Years ago I helped a designer friend with her daughter's wedding reception and I remembered Marsha using vintage frames as serving dishes.  It was so elegant and fabulous that I thought maybe we could bring in our "vintage flair" using that same idea.  It worked beautifully.

We added exquisite vintage lace, pearls, heirloom candlesticks and clocks... 

A Crystal Chandelier...

Vintage crafted cupcakes and cakepops...

And a classic bouquet of  flowers.  Vintage colors made up of roses and hydrangeas.  (from Costco!)

My lovely assistant, Aleah (bride's little sister) entertained us with smiles and music the entire time we were setting up.

A variety of delectable salads, chicken croissant sandwiches, lemonade and cucumber water were served at the luncheon.  
(Watch for an upcoming post with recipes of summer salads-they were spectacular!)

And the desserts were all homemade by Grandma and Katherine .  I guess that is kind of old fashioned (or vintage) planning as well.  Thumbprint cookies, lemon bars, cupcakes, etc.    

One little shower game was played.  The bubble gum game.  How well do you know your husband-to-be?  Questions were asked the bride-to-be and if answered incorrectly she must pop a gum ball in her mouth.  With every wrong answer a gumball must be added to the "wad" she already had in her mouth.  Fun and funny game! 

Let the Wedding begin!  Congratulations Sariah and best wishes for a beautiful future.

By the way...the mother of this bride has 3 children getting married this summer...within weeks apart!  She's amazing!

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