Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stand Ye in Holy Places-New Beginnings 2013

Every year there is a new theme that the youth in our church try and model their lives after, for the current year and hopefully throughout their lives.  I love working with the youth.  I'm sure they teach me far more than I could ever teach them.  And it's so much fun!

This year's theme is:
Stand ye in Holy Places
At the beginning of the year we try to prepare an evening focused on the new theme.  One of the purposes of New Beginnings is to teach young women and their parents the purposes of the YW organization and to review plans for the upcoming year.  
The young women planned an awesome evening.

We started off by issuing a formal challenge to all the dads of the young women.  They were to memorize the entire Young Women Theme and be prepared to recite it at the upcoming New Beginnings.  Our dads worked hard and to our surprise every dad took on the challenge!

Other preparations included an outline of each young woman on butcher paper.  After they were traced and cut out the young women were asked to create YOU on the body form.  

During the evening each dad would again be challenged.  They were to search for their daughter's shoes, found on the shoe table and then place it by the body form they thought was their daughter.  

Ballet shoes, track shoes, fancy shoes, high tops, sandals, flip flops...we had them all.  The shoes were to represent the many areas and places in their lives that young women can Stand in Holy Places.
"It is the time to seek places where the Spirit can be present..."
(Elaine S. Dalton, YW General President)

The dads came through in a big way!  All shoes matched up with the right girl.  And I don't think they even needed help!  

The tables were decorated in Value Colors with light refreshments on each.  We thought it would be less disruptive if all the goodies were on each of the tables instead of having one refreshment table that might be visited often during the program.

Each young woman there received several reminders of the year's theme and a few take home treats.

This little reminder was fun and simple to create.  Just cut out the pocket, fold and glue, then slide a Hersey Bar inside.

Once the pocket was complete with candy bar we also included this message from Jan Pinborough's Five Reasons to Love Personal Progress found on the LDS website here.

Whooo do you want to be? 
What kind of person do you wish to become? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?  Fulfilling your dreams can start with one Personal Progress goal.  By small and simple things are great things brought to pass.  As you set and accomplish the small goals of your Personal Progress experiences...great changes will take place in your personal life and in who you are.  You will notice those changes as you become more like our Savior.

If you are like many young women, your life is packed with a lot of good things.  You have school, homework, music lessons, sports, hanging out with friends, family time, church meetings and activities, an after school job,..etc. How could you possibly fit in Personal Progress?

Sunday is a great day to pull out your Personal Progress book and work on some goals, read some scriptures, read a conference talk, etc.

Personal Progress helps you make time for things that will be important to you long after a test score or sports event have passed.  

Personal Progress allows you to "get credit" for all the good things in your life you are already doing.  Take time and make time for Personal Progress.

We introduced the new Beehives for the year and each girl received this fun gift.  The young girls coming into the program were also challenged to memorize the YW theme before New Beginnings.  All four girls recited it beautifully.  

One of our young women received her YW medallion, the culminating award for years of accomplishing all the goals and projects required.  

Claire was asked to write a few of her thoughts about Personal Progress on the blackboard sign.  She didn't know at the time that it would be anything other than for display, but at the end of the evening she was asked to take it home and put it in a place where she could see it often to remind her of this special day.

At Claire's special request she asked all of the young women leaders in her life to pose for a picture with her.  Many were not there...but to those who were, Claire expressed her love and made the statement that she was grateful for the many women in her life that were willing to spend hours and hours being an example, a friend and leader and helping her to shape her life for good.  Claire is an exceptional young lady and will no doubt be an excellent young women leader in the future.

The beautiful pennants were created by Emmie Cakes.  Found the wooden flowers at Rod Works.

At the end of the evening the leaders had prepared a DVD that spotlighted each young women in a place where she felt good, and felt the Spirit.  One of the places that was mentioned was in the Temple Square's Tabernacle during Youth Conference.

It's fun to be a part of an inspired program for amazing young women.  We look forward to seeing and hearing about the great things they accomplish this year.

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pickle jar into Apothecary jar

I wanted to share a craft I recently made that was so easy and inexpensive. Kellie bought this cute apothecary jar (below) at a craft store and I knew I could make one just like it.

All you need for this project is:
Candlestick (used or brand new. I used one of each)
Pickle jar
Finial or knob for the top (I got mine at Hobby Lobby)
Spray Paint, if using a recycled candlestick
E6000 glue

For the first Apothecary Jar I used a gold candlestick I had purchased in a thrift store for $1. I spray painted it as well as the pickle jar lid and the finial all black. Then I used the E6000 glue to adhere to candlestick to the jar. For the lid I punched a hole using a screwdriver & hammer in the lid and screwed the knob on top of the jar.
The blue jar below was made from a candlestick I got at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. I wanted the lid to match the base so I spray painted the lid brown first, then after it dried completley I applied a small amount of vaseline to the areas I wanted to show the brown. After that I painted the lid blue and after it dried I rubbed off the paint where the vaseline had been applied and the brown comes through. The lid's paint job crackled a little bit because of the multiple paintings but I liked it and thought it looked a lot like the base. 
After that punch a hole in the lid and screw the knob through the lid. That's it! 
Now if for some reason you don't want to make these jars but still want an apothecary jar, we have plenty in our Etsy shoppe. Just click here

Have a great day!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Bushel and A Peck

My dad used to sing this little tune to us growing up.  We loved it because it was usually accompanied by a tight little squeeze and hug.  I sing it to my kids now. Just recently we found this framed picture of the tune at Rod Works.  I was amazed!  I was sure that my dad had made up the song himself...he always had quirky little songs to sing.  The picture brought back lots of good memories.  We decided this would be perfect gift for my dad on Valentine's Day.

 photo ff34f84a-8166-420f-abe3-4c33a6254a3a_zps499c40d7.jpg

I was looking forward to Valentine's Day this year and was little sad when my husband had to leave town unexpectedly.  That left me home alone (except for the 3 kids!) without plans.  After a short pity-party I decided to have a little fun and surprise some of the people I love most!

Just a little detective work and I found that some people don't care to celebrate this heart holiday.  What!  I made sure they had a little something in their mailbox! 

Our favorite cake lady delivered this cake to my sister.  Connie decided she would enjoy this special day, her way.  With a big fat piece of CAKE!  She even shared.  Chocolate, red velvet and vanilla layers.  It was scrumptious...and fun!

We delivered chocolates, flowers, made phone calls, visited teachers, friends and family and before I knew it the day was almost over.  When I returned home there were even a few goodies for me.  I love cards and my daughter found a great one this year!  I also found out that my son would give up most anything for a good chocolate covered strawberry.  Me too.

 photo 1934259c-31ef-45cd-8342-67ad4a88790b_zps2f8239be.jpg

Several of my friends are Valentine's Day babies.  I love "special delivery" Valentines!    

 photo ee674928-cd8e-48e5-aec2-52dfb27df9d0_zps61892735.jpg

We enjoyed lots of chocolate, frosted sugar cookies, heart shaped pizzas and then there was the "Catch of the Day."  Isn't fish good for you?

 photo ValentinesDay2013013_zpscda4097b.jpg

Valentine's Day turned out to be quite  memorable and fun.  And the best part about it is that I get to celebrate again, next week...when my husband returns home!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Classroom Valentines

Happy Valentine's Day!
Here are a few EASY, QUICK ideas (and the how-to links) to create Classroom Valentines.

LOVE BUGS-Single serving Pringles topper and it only took about 1/2 hour to create 25 fun Valentines.

BLOW ME A KISS-Bubble gum, Clear, plastic tubes and a quick printed strip with washi tape. 


CANDY BAR POCKET-Just print, fold, and glue.  Add a Hershey bar and you've got a yummy packaged Valentine.

PAPER RIBBON POUCHES-This has a few steps but very easy to put together.

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