Friday, February 15, 2013

Bushel and A Peck

My dad used to sing this little tune to us growing up.  We loved it because it was usually accompanied by a tight little squeeze and hug.  I sing it to my kids now. Just recently we found this framed picture of the tune at Rod Works.  I was amazed!  I was sure that my dad had made up the song himself...he always had quirky little songs to sing.  The picture brought back lots of good memories.  We decided this would be perfect gift for my dad on Valentine's Day.

 photo ff34f84a-8166-420f-abe3-4c33a6254a3a_zps499c40d7.jpg

I was looking forward to Valentine's Day this year and was little sad when my husband had to leave town unexpectedly.  That left me home alone (except for the 3 kids!) without plans.  After a short pity-party I decided to have a little fun and surprise some of the people I love most!

Just a little detective work and I found that some people don't care to celebrate this heart holiday.  What!  I made sure they had a little something in their mailbox! 

Our favorite cake lady delivered this cake to my sister.  Connie decided she would enjoy this special day, her way.  With a big fat piece of CAKE!  She even shared.  Chocolate, red velvet and vanilla layers.  It was scrumptious...and fun!

We delivered chocolates, flowers, made phone calls, visited teachers, friends and family and before I knew it the day was almost over.  When I returned home there were even a few goodies for me.  I love cards and my daughter found a great one this year!  I also found out that my son would give up most anything for a good chocolate covered strawberry.  Me too.

 photo 1934259c-31ef-45cd-8342-67ad4a88790b_zps2f8239be.jpg

Several of my friends are Valentine's Day babies.  I love "special delivery" Valentines!    

 photo ee674928-cd8e-48e5-aec2-52dfb27df9d0_zps61892735.jpg

We enjoyed lots of chocolate, frosted sugar cookies, heart shaped pizzas and then there was the "Catch of the Day."  Isn't fish good for you?

 photo ValentinesDay2013013_zpscda4097b.jpg

Valentine's Day turned out to be quite  memorable and fun.  And the best part about it is that I get to celebrate again, next week...when my husband returns home!

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