Monday, October 12, 2015

All Eyes On YOU! Primary Program Thank yous

Primary Sacrament Meeting Program...successfully complete!  
Our Primary Children did such a spectacular job with their parts, and especially the singing for the program.  We thought they deserved something fun to celebrate their hard work.  Because...ALL EYES WERE INDEED ON THEM!

Found this cute monster tag at Bloom Designs and tweaked it just a bit.

If you would like to print your own, just right click and save this picture and then print!

Added the googly eyes.

Using toothpicks made it much easier to adhere the eyes with glue.

Awesome, fun tags!

Filled a fun treat bag with favorite goodies.

100 bags with tags, somewhat quick and easy.  The googly eyes were the most fun to assemble, but took a bit of time.

We have the greatest children in our Primary.  
We're glad 

 photo Kelliesign.jpg


  1. Kellie
    could you forward me your edited version. I will be printing these off tonight if I can get your version. I wasn't able to edit the text on the original.

  2. Curious as to what you put in the bags for them?

  3. We would like to do a similar thing for our Primary kids after the program is completed. Where did you get your adorable bags? Are they just paper bags or are they food-specific bags with wax lining?

  4. The bakery bags were purchased at Gygis. I know Partyland and other party stores have fun bags...not necessarily with the wax lining.

  5. Would you mind emailing me a copy of this? I would LOVE to do it for my primary kids. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!

  6. I likewise would love a copy of this. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  7. I likewise would love a copy of this. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  8. Can you please email me a copy of your tags?

  9. This is adorable!! Could you email me a copy of the tag?

  10. The document is now found in the post. Just right click and save the picture to your computer. Enjoy!

  11. This is adorable! Such a great idea! Could you sent it to me also??
    Thank you!!