Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from the Chocolates for Breakfast gang!  
And you can guess our breakfast will include incredible amounts of chocolate on Easter morning!

I think the Easter Bunny had WAY TOO MUCH fun this holiday. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Chocolate Easter Bunny in a Jar

"Not So Idle Hands" Blog inspired me to create my own Bunnies in a Jar.  This project goes together really fast.  You just need:

One Chocolate Bunny

Edible Easter Grass (found it at Walmart)

Quart or 1/2 pint Mason Jars
Cupcake liners

Mini Cadbury Eggs
Easter colored M&Ms

The "Happy Easter" topper 
(I've shared mine below) 

Once you've gathered all your materials...assemble as shown in picture!  EASY!  And Adorable.
Thanks for the great idea Emilie!

These are a few Jen did for some last minute gift ideas

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Bunny Jars

My crafty friend, Candice came over today and we made these fun Spring Bunny Jars. They were super duper easy and quick. It would have been even quicker if the sun had been out and the paint dried faster!
Start off by buying some of these plastic farm toys. That's where we found our bunnies. You could use anything though....pigs, ducks, dinosaurs! You can also use any jar you would like to. We used a small pickle jar, a small salsa jar and a pimento olive jar.
Glue your toy onto the lid. We used E6000.
Then take the lids and spray paint your desired color. We used some fun Easter/Spring colors.

Here are the finished jars. So easy and festive!
Tell me, what do you think of these? Will you make some of your own?


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

If You CARROT All!

If you Carrot All...Hop to your Personal Progress!

Pebbles in my Pocket created these fun little carrots for Easter/Spring.  Because my brain is always focused on Personal Progress I thought they would make great little PP incentives for our young women. 

Very easy to make...just a bit of time.  
Items needed to create:
  • 4x6 printed cardstock (for carrot body) 
  • 1x3 green cardstock (for leafy top)
  • Jute or hemp (to tie the tag on carrot)
  • Double sided tape (need heavy duty..I like "this to that" brand)
  • Crimper (not necessary if you don't have one already)
  • Something yummy to fill the carrot with (Jelly beans, Spring M&Ms, etc.)
  • Small hole punch (very small)
  • Easter tag (I've included mine at the end of the post if it fits your needs!)

First cut all your carrot bodies and green tops.  
The green tops are 1x3 strips, using scissors make two even cuts on each strip...just 3/4 of the way. Do not cut all the way or the strips will not stay together.  
Using this tutorial construct your carrot bodies...
Crimp the bottom of carrot (if desired)

Leave the top of the carrot open, fill it with yummies then slide your leafy greens (2 of them) in the top and staple shut.  Separate the leafy greens a bit to give them dimension.  Punch a little hole and then attach your tag with the hemp string.  

All ready to plant in your garden container!
Happy Spring.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Have you ever coached a team that had the greatest girls in the world playing on it?  
Springville's Silver "Super" Stars was just that team.  This group of girls played their heart out all season long and didn't win a single game.  At least on the scoreboard.  
Instead of a group of fiercely competitive players our girls were friendly, fabulous and famously funny.  They were so much fun to watch that at the end of the season they were awarded the Jr. Jazz Sportsmanship Award and invited to the Salt Lake City Energy Solutions arena for a special PARTY.
My daughter (one of the team members) decided that we needed to throw our own team party.  We challenged the team members to make it on to the scoreboard with at least 4 baskets in the last two remaining games and we would have a blow-out party.  They played hard and every time they made a basket they would yell and scream, parents would cheer, referees would smile and coaches would grin from ear to ear.  This cute little team earned their basketball party and as parents and coaches we were able to honor them that night. 

Just a few pictures of the fun night.

We can hardly wait till next year's basketball season!

Simonemadeit  Printable Party Collection (just tweaked a bit to fit my needs) 
Katherines Kreations  Basketball cupcakes (yum)
Marvy Liquid chalk  Best chalk ever!  My 11 year old daughter wrote "Go Silver Stars" on decorative mess, nice bright colors. (can be found at Rod Works and Hobby Lobby as well as online)

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