Tuesday, March 19, 2013

If You CARROT All!

If you Carrot All...Hop to your Personal Progress!

Pebbles in my Pocket created these fun little carrots for Easter/Spring.  Because my brain is always focused on Personal Progress I thought they would make great little PP incentives for our young women. 

Very easy to make...just a bit of time.  
Items needed to create:
  • 4x6 printed cardstock (for carrot body) 
  • 1x3 green cardstock (for leafy top)
  • Jute or hemp (to tie the tag on carrot)
  • Double sided tape (need heavy duty..I like "this to that" brand)
  • Crimper (not necessary if you don't have one already)
  • Something yummy to fill the carrot with (Jelly beans, Spring M&Ms, etc.)
  • Small hole punch (very small)
  • Easter tag (I've included mine at the end of the post if it fits your needs!)

First cut all your carrot bodies and green tops.  
The green tops are 1x3 strips, using scissors make two even cuts on each strip...just 3/4 of the way. Do not cut all the way or the strips will not stay together.  
Using this tutorial construct your carrot bodies...
Crimp the bottom of carrot (if desired)

Leave the top of the carrot open, fill it with yummies then slide your leafy greens (2 of them) in the top and staple shut.  Separate the leafy greens a bit to give them dimension.  Punch a little hole and then attach your tag with the hemp string.  

All ready to plant in your garden container!
Happy Spring.

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