Saturday, May 19, 2012

End of School Year Teacher Gift

The end of the school year is coming up fast. I wanted to do something fun for a couple of my son's High School teachers that wasn't cutesy and I thought I'd do the same for my 2 elementary school kids teachers a few weeks before school gets out.
I was inspired by this blog and since I wanted the tag to say the last 2 weeks (I have WAY too much going on the last week) instead of the last week I decided to make my own tag.
Here it is if you'd lilke to print it for yourself! Enjoy!

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Semi-Homemade Brownie Bites

This week was a killer week and I expect that the next few weeks will be much the same.  So with that in mind I'm trying to simplify my craziness and come up with a few semi-homemade creations.  I was asked to bring something sweet to our final PTA meeting of the year...I had a couple of hours that I could spend in the kitchen or at my son's baseball game.  I decided on the latter and while sitting at his game it hit me...not the ball, but a great idea for something sweet!  Something I could do quickly and would even taste yummy.  
Brownie Bites with my secret-cream topping recipe and strawberries.


I dropped by Sams Club (I think Costco carries them as well) and picked up their little tub of brownie bites.  I also picked up a tub of these scrumptious cake bites...wasn't sure how they would taste but seemed to be a crowd pleaser. 


This is what the cake bite tub looked like at Sams


I bought the brownie bites home, stuck them in a brown candy cup and then whipped up my secret cream cheese topping.  Piped a little dollop of the topping on the brownie bite, fanned half of a strawberry on top and sweet was complete! 


I'm thinking it might be nice to help simplify your life along with mine ya go!  
My secret recipe...

Brownie Bite Cream Topping
1-3oz. pkg.cream cheeses (softened)
1/3 cup sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
3/4 cup whipping (heavy) cream

Beat cream cheese, 1/3 cup sugar and the vanilla in small bowl with electric mixer on low speed until smooth.  Beat in whipping cream on medium speed until stiff peaks form.  Place (or use a pastry bag for piping) a dollop of cream on brownie bite, top with a strawberry, raspberry or other favorite fruit.  Refrigerate at least 2 hours before serving.  Cover and refrigerate any remaining bites.


And now...what's next!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week Successfully Complete!

Last week was our Teacher Appreciation Week...SHAZAM was it fun!  Teachers, students and parents all had a great time with the theme of Super Hero Teachers.
Each day of the week there was a little something that every student could do to honor and say thank you to their teacher.  

Monday morning all of our teachers came to school and were surprised with Super Hero Classroom Signs on each of their doors.  Here are just a few of the clever pieces of art!  Some of the teacher faces were even added to the super hero action figures!




Each teacher had a Super Hero Info Sheet by their classroom door that gave their students hints of favorite things.  Sure made it easy gift giving for parents like me.
A super hero lunch was served each day of TA week for all teachers and staff.  Most of the meals were catered by local businesses in the area.  They wanted to express their thanks for great teachers too.  The teacher's lounge was decked out in super hero quotes and pictures and other great fun.  The teachers also found a little surprise every day in their mail box.   


Lots of parents doing lots of great things to show their appreciation for GREAT TEACHERS!

My 4th Grader decided to honor her teacher every day of TA week with a little something...
Day One
Kate became a reporter and asked her teacher...


Kate loves her teacher and it's easy to see why after reading her answers.  Kate will often come home from school exclaiming, "I just love Miss Grant!"  
eighteen25 had this cute "picked a teacher" template.
Berry chapstick, berry scents and hand sanitizer were all found at Bath and Body Works.
Day Two
Kate decided that Miss Grant needed some new school supplies for the classroom.  Of course chocolate was an important part of the "vital tools" needed for every super hero teacher.
Day Three
Kate, along with most of the other students in class, loves to be Miss Grant's sidekick.  Kate always has stories about adventures during the day and how Miss. Grant encourages them to help each other.  We decided Miss. Grant needed an energy drink after all that hard work.

Day Four
Today was the day that the students were encouraged to bring their teacher's favorite treat to class.  Miss Grant listed her favorite treat as a Symphony Bar...and who can disagree with that yummy choice!   I believe that every student, Kate included, brought Miss Grant a Symphony Bar.  She is stocked up for the rest of the year!  She should have lots of chocolate energy for her super hero work.  

Kate's Symphony Bar was disguised in a Super Hero wrapper. 
Day Five
To conclude Teacher Appreciation Week Kate chose to say "thanks" in a canned way.  She gathered all of Miss Grant's "super powers" and canned em!

We didn't want to forget all of the other important people at school so Kate gave a little treat to the secretaries, custodian, librarian, lunch ladies and principal.  Kate had fun delivering to all her teachers at school.
We need SMORE teachers like you!
Go to livinglocurto for this free download.

I was asked to prepare a few other gifts for a teacher drawing during the week.  I decided a few things from my little business, Chocolates For Breakfast would be great teacher gifts.  
Cake Plates with Sweet Tooth Fairy Cake Bites
I absolutely love Origins products and as luck would have it my brother works for Origins in Princeton.  We love to visit his store and I just happened to have a few products I could part with for our beloved teachers.  One of my most favorite products at Origins is the Gloomaway bar.  The grapefruit bath bar scent is divine and also drives away mosquitoes!  


We wrapped up a few of our Cuddle Me Quilts and 
delivered them for the teacher drawing.  
Ahhh what a nice week we had!

We love our teachers and appreciate 
ALL they do!