Monday, December 7, 2015

A Night in Bethlehem

This was a night like no other.  In and amongst all the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations it was so nice to walk into this humble, peaceful night of honoring the birth of our Savior. 

Many, many talented and gifted individuals worked their magic and came up with a beautiful marketplace that offered fruits, sliced meat pitas, olives, crackers and all sorts of great food for our "supper."  

Bottled water at the well.

Lots of rugs and blankets for family seating.  Tables and chairs were set up for a few of those that did not want to sit on the floor.

The canopies were outdoor EZ-UP tents with gauzy materials draped on the top with palm frawns.

Nice touches of what seemed to be authentic old world baskets and cloths.

The city of Bethlehem was depicted in a mural for our photo op spot.  All were encouraged to gather together for a family picture.

A manger scene was set for the program.

After supper a short program included reading from Luke II.  We sang Christmas carols.

The beautiful clothing came from a local well known playhouse.

When it was time to depart the committee had special instructions for each of us.  No help needed in cleaning up that night.  Instead they asked all to go home as families and savor the sweet feelings and spirit of the true meaning of Christmas.  
(We were invited back the next morning to clean up!)

A very nice evening.

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  1. How much fabric did it take to do 1 canopy? Did you cover all 4 side poles and the top?