Monday, December 21, 2015

Santa's Long Johns

Connie, one of my cute sisters takes after my mom and is learning the art of quilting and sewing.  She came up with these cute Santa pants for Christmas gifts.

She claims that it is a mostly non-sewing project.  Just a little hand stitching around the pattern to keep the two felt sides together.  You can tell she is a quilter by her small, even stitches.  I'm afraid mine would look totally different!

A little flap in the back.  To fill the pants with goodies.

And cute buttons.

She created her own pattern, cause she's talented like that.

Pattern was drawn on stiff cardboard.

Another cute, inexpensive gift idea.  Saw this at a boutique and couldn't resist.  Ladies were buying them by the armfuls.

Love the clever ladies in my life.

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