Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Neighbor Gifts-OH WHAT FUN!

Need a quick, scrumptious neighbor Christmas gift?  I did.  I had a couple of leftover mugs from our Cocoa bar party so I filled them with GINGERBREAD COOKIES.

Topped it off with parchment and a candy cane.  Then added an EAT ME tag.

The gingerbread boy cookies came from Trader Joes...my favorite one stop shopping for Christmas treats and goodies.
I also love their fragrant fir tree wreaths and flowers.

Along with the gingerbread cookies, I bought a few of their famous Christmas Joe-Joe packs.  Makes a lovely, yummy  quickie gift. 

Once tagged, I stowed them away in our Macy's BELIEVE mail box for those friends and neighbors that drop by unexpectedly.

OH WHAT FUN it is...

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