Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mustaches and Mocktails

This is a party I threw a while back for New Years Eve but with the Mustache craze in full force now I thought I would share it. It could be easily adapted to any type of party.
A few years ago I was visiting my brother in New York and was in a fun novelty store and came across some mustache wrapping paper and some "stick on" mustaches. Nowadays you can find mustache party aids everywhere but back then this was the first time I had seen them. I snatched them up in hopes of planning a future party and so became:
I made the invite on my computer and had them printed at Costco. It was only $15 for 50 - so very cost effective. I used the greeting cards option and uploaded my own picture.
As guests arrived they were invited to take a picture with their mustaches in the photo booth. (check out more of the party guests at the end of the post!)
 My brother-in-law, Carlos did the fabulous "DJ"ing!
The party planners: Nita from Teaspoon of love did all the amazing desserts and my party friend Usha and I did all the decorations. it was a dream team! 
I did provide some extra "staches" in case they came without but most were prepared!
Then they were invited to play
The "Mocktails" table was set up as a make your own mocktail
We also had people put drink markers on their glasses 
The Dessert table looked scrumptious

Lots of fun and dancing was had
 Even the babies got into the mustache spirit

When all the fun was had and it was time to go here is what our guests saw on the door
Here are some pictures of more friends in the photo booth:


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  1. Jen, you are too funny. The "pin the mustache on 70's Burt Reynolds" was amazing! I literally LOL'd. :)