Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fortune Cookie Birthday Gift

My son's kindergarten teacher, Karen's birthday was this past week.
(At my kid's school the kids and parents call their teachers by their first name)
 I was given the task to come up with an idea. I wanted to do something fun for her but also something from the kids. I heard she liked Mikuni, which is a Japanese Restaurant here in my town. I decided to do "chinese food" take out boxes, chop sticks and home made felt fortune cookies. (I realize this is chinese food, not Japanese creativity only goes so far!)
I thought it would be fun if each child in the class told Karen what they thought her future held. I got some fantastic fortunes! These kids are hilarious. I thought I would post their fortunes along with some pictures from the day as well as instructions on how to make these super easy fortune cookies!
Here are the fortunes:

You will play outside making silly faces

It will be sunny on your birthday and it will always be fun

You are going to be the best teacher ever

You will have a habitat of butterflies that live forever

You will teach forever and never retire and never get older

I wish you could fly like a fairy and have a magic wand so you can have more wishes!

You will be happy traveling with your family to places you have never been to see new things

This year instead of traveling to Lego Land, you will go to the snow and see snow men and snow dogs.

You will have all the dinosaurs stuffed animals that you ever want.

In the future you will still be teaching and wanting to catch a leprechaun

This year you will get many flowers and a pet

I wish that you will find a pot of gold and your lost earrings

You will live forever, and ever, and ever, and ever, go to Lego land and you will get all the chocolate in the WORLD!
You will stay pretty forever, live by the ocean & have a very special year

I would wish that you will be the smartest teacher ever, you would teach third graders & you could do everything that God told you

You may be a good fortune from the world

You are good for lending a hand

You will get a thousand dollars when you're older

All your wishes will come true!

I know that you will be happy

You will get to go to Disneyland & you are going to become a dancer!

I wish you will have the best Kinders ever

I predict you will be a cheerleader!
You will figure out somehow how to find a buried treasure

You will have much chocolate and someone to share it with!

My wish for you would be the kinders will always be nice to you.

I want your fortune to be good luck.


I Wish for you to be going to Disneyland for six years

My wish is that you had a big big butterfly room with flowers and one more thing I want you to be on TV
You will get a teddy bear for Christmas & go to Disneyland

Your son's will surprise you with cupcakes!

A man with brown eyes has a surprise for you!

Have a look at the sky and you will see birds

You will get a new dog!

This year you will have a happy Christmas.

I wish for you to have lots of red flowers!

You will find many treasures, X marks the spot – I love you!

May there be many puppies in your future & may you one day be a mermaid

I wish you will get cool toys!

You will live forever

You will become a library girl and then you can sell books!

I would wish that you could go to Disneyland

I wish you would get a new shirt with a new headband

You will get a dog!

I wish you to be plentiful in friends

I predict that there will be lots of Joy in your future" (IE: tickling, surprises and sharing)

I wish for you the best birthday ever

Your future is sparkly and bright like gold

It appears she will definatley be going to Disneyland and getting a new least! WOW!

    I found the tutorial for these fortune cookies here - They were actually pretty easy to make. A little time consuming when you make 50+ but luckily my mom was here visiting so I put her to work! Here what they look like before you fold them
Here is the finished product! So fun and easy!
Give them a try! You could use them for so many different things!! Enjoy!

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