Monday, October 15, 2012

Eddislyn and Junk Bows

Last year my sister Connie and I decided to sell our Chocolates for Breakfast stuff at the annual Swiss Days in Midway, Utah.  We spent 8 hours a day for several days selling, chatting and eating the scrumptious food there.  

One of the best things that came from our time at Swiss Days (besides the money!) was Eddislynn and Junk Bows!

Things started out a little tense.  We arrived at our tent and low and behold it was already set up...with Ed's stuff!  What!  The next hour brought a little rearranging and a few attitude adjustments.  Once that happened we began to get acquainted with our booth buddy and WOW...did we ever have fun!

Ed kept us entertained for hours and we realized that she had lots of experience in the sales field.  She shared a few sales secrets with us and then started selling our stuff along with hers.  One of her items just happened to be called Junk Bows...something we had never heard of before.  Junk bows are several styles (colors, sizes and textures) of ribbons tied together to make one attractive topper.  Ed started teaching us about bows and we've been watching and practicing ever since.

Junk bows topped gumball bags, sugar sticks, gifts and probably would look fabulous on just about anything.

The craft fair turned out to be our best event yet, both financially as well as friendly.  We decided our friendship with Ed needed to continue so we've been lunching and crafting together for months...and then she decided to move to Arizona! We were so sad when we heard the news. 

I'm thinking it's time for a ROADTRIP!


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