Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Christmas Basket

The Christmas Basket has become a holiday must have at our home.  It has been around for about 6 years and provides a much needed service.  Because of my husband's work and church calling we have many people that stop by our home with little gifts of Christmas love. We love it!...but find ourselves unprepared with a little something in return.  That's where the Christmas Basket saves the day.  
Each person or family that drops by is encouraged to come in, stay awhile, chat and when ready to leave invited to take a little something special from our Christmas basket.

As the season progresses (and as I have more time) the basket grows in it's contents.  Christmas books, sparkling cider and dollar store candy cane filled tubes have always been a hit.  Our school principal dropped by one year and said, "Kate told me all about this basket...I needed to come check it out for myself!"  He did and of course went home with a little extra something.  

Our smart neighborhood children caught on to our idea rather quickly and seem to visit us often during the holidays.  Well...we've got something new for them this year!

Rudolph Treats!  It was getting a bit expensive to stock the basket so our little neighbors now get to choose from the framed Reindeer/Santa/Frosty treats.
This idea came from here
The treat container tutorial is here
Pebbles in my Pocket sell the complete packets to make 6 reindeer.  Or you can make your own...very easy and quick. 

Visit our blog tomorrow for some last minute gift ideas.  Jen's Christmas kitchen has been pumping out neighbor gift goodies all day!

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