Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Merry Little Christmas Miniature Candy Bar Tray

Do you always feel like you're running behind in December?  I often do.  I would imagine it's because there are so many fun things to keep us occupied.  This year I gave myself a November jump start on a project that has helped with all those little thank you gifties often needed in December.  
The idea came from Stuck on Stampin
with the Free Tag printable.

Requires a bit of time to wrap the Hershey Nuggets but found that once I got started it was easy.

Very few materials required.  And found most of the paper in my scrap files.

Along with my miniature candy bar tray I added a Bath and Body scented candle.  I'm not a huge fan of scented candles but I LOVE this Christmas scent.  'TIS THE SEASON'  It's a 1.3 oz jar (tiny, just right with the candy tray) but the scent is amazing.  It sits on the oven and while I'm baking the kitchen starts smelling  of "rich red apples, green pine and a touch of golden cider and cinnamon".  And I haven't even lit the candle!  They are regularly 4.50 a jar but have been running a special for 3 for $10.00.

Happy December!

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