Saturday, August 16, 2014

School Locker Boxes

It's been a great, busy summer.  We've got lots to blog about but thought we'd dive right into SCHOOL fun.  My kids would not necessarily put school and fun in the same sentence but here we go...
Thought I'd share a little school idea-Locker Boxes.

My daughter is beginning her 7th grade year in Jr. High.  She has a brand new Jr. High to attend with pristine new lockers.  We're a little nervous about the new locks on the lockers and hope they won't be a problem.  You know those recurring dreams that you're late for class and your locker won't open...
Well once it's open, it's pure fun!

We shopped for some locker decor at several stores.  I was amazed at the selection that was being offered.  Everything from wall paper to chandeliers...for a LOCKER!  We decided on a magnetic mirror, pencil cup and a cute frame with a "Don't forget to be AWESOME today" quote.

Then we thought it might be nice to put together a locker box...for those 7th grade emergencies.

This two sided plastic organizer was found at Hobby Lobby.  One side is school supplies, the other side contains treats to share.

We didn't want to leave my 10th grade son out so we created a "non-cutsie" version of the locker box.  All he wanted were mints and more mints with a few peach rings....oh and a huge box of fishy crackers.

We are set at least for a few weeks!

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