Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Mr. McGregor's Garden Relish Tray

My family was invited to my brother and sister-in-law's home for Easter this year.  My assignment was a relish tray. 

Because I was not hosting the dinner this year and had a little extra time, I decided to try something a little more creative than the usual cut up veggies on a tray.  My inspiration came from Glitter and Goulash  

I had just purchased this wooden tray from Jenifer's Furniture and Decor and thought it would make a great "garden bed" for Mr. McGregor's Relish Tray.  That's kind of an Easter bunny thing, right?

By the way I LOVE, LOVE Jenifer's!

I washed the head of some frilly lettuce (butter or anything kind of leafy), then set aside to dry.  Thankfully my husband chipped in to help and washed the veggies and cut them all into stick form.

Then came the time for the very easy process of "planting" our garden.  I layered saran wrap on the bottom of tray and then added leafy lettuce, being sure to "frill it out" over the edges of tray.

If you are serving a dip with the veggies, place your bowl where you want it on the tray.  Then start planting carrot sticks, cheese sticks, celery, pepper, tomatoes, cauliflower, cucumbers, broccoli and radishes. 

Add a little plate of truffles and chocolate covered pretzel rods and this would make a lovely, edible centerpiece for a Mother's Day brunch. 

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