Monday, November 5, 2012

Soccer Party Fun

Tis the season.....for Soccer Parties!!
I'm always SO excited for the kids to start the soccer season, but by the end I am always SO glad it's over!
I was in charge of my youngest child's Soccer Party this year.
I wanted to share a very simple way to make a big splash!
First, I went to Home Dept and bought a grass rug, went home and got to cutting it up!

The rug was huge so I cut it to fit my table first, I had plenty extra so I covered all the other surfaces I was using.
 I went to the fabric store and picked out some fun fabric for my backdrop and made a simple banner.
I bought a brand spankin new ball and placed it on a painted candlestick for the centerpiece of the table.

Cucpakes came next.

And last- TROPHY'S!

This was such a simple and fun party to put together.

I found these cute Soccer Coach Printables at Eighteen25 here is the link.

It doesn't take much time, money or creativity to make something a little more special.
So - Happy Soccer Parties to you this year!!!


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