Monday, January 14, 2013


Below ZERO and the weather forecast calls for even colder. Today I had planned to visit with some friends in the neighborhood.  Brrrrrrr! Didn't take us long to decide that inside phone calls and texts were just fine for today.  The school bus and car pools picked up the kids and we're hunkering down with quilts and hot chocolate...for breakfast!
Feeling a bit guilty for ditching my friends I decided to brave the cold for 5 min. and dropped a little something off in their mailbox. I figured they would come outside to pick up their mail sometime today...or tomorrow and it would be nice to say hi and offer a little "I'm glad you're my friend" treat. 

Just a few chocolate covered pretzel rods, an after Christmas sale mitten ornament and a note made for a warm, wonderful little mailbox surprise. 

We attended a Parent Teacher Conference on a snow storm.  We decided it would be fun to bring a SNOWMAN inside to Kate's teacher.  She appreciated the yummy not-so-cold treat.


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