Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tile "Cup of the Day" holder

If your kitchen is like mine there are always multiple cups all over the kitchen throughout the day. No one wants to take the chance of "brother or sister cooties" by drinking out of each others cups so instead they opt for a new cup.
I was talking to a couple of my crafty friends about a home made Christmas gift that she made for her sister and as soon as she told me about it I thought of my messy, cup filled kitchen.

Fast forward to this week:
It was Craft Day again and my friend Candice came over to have a play date! She has two babies and my kids are all in school so we can only get together once every couple months to get our craft fill! She and I are both always on the lookout for new ideas. 
We started by geting a pre-cut board from Lowe's - Mine is 5 1/2" by 24" - It only cost about $3, Candice's was a little thinner and cost a little more.

Next we got 4x4" tiles from Lowe's - These tiles were only .33 cents each! My hope was to get some really cool tiles but all the "cool glass" tiles were special order so I decided to go with black. Candice went with white.  
We spray painted the boards and then cut the Vinyl out on my Sillhouette. I decided I wanted more decoration so I cut out the chevron stripes to adhere to my board and to the tiles in addition to the names.
Candice's is more modern with the teal blue and white. I also love that she had room to put "family cups" on her board:
This craft is super easy and only took a few hours.
Now my cups will be orderly and no sibling cooties for anyone! 


  1. These are adorable! One question, what do you mean you cut the Vinyl out on my Silhouette? What is that?

  2. The Silhouette is a machine (like a cricut) that you can cut Vinyl or fabric or paper out on. You design what you want and it cuts it out. It's very cool!