Monday, May 13, 2013

Nothing Says Lovin...Straight from the Oven

Mmmm Monday-Happy Mother's Day

I had the privilege of hosting our annual Mother's Day Dinner yesterday.  Along with being the BEST mother in the whole wide world she just happens to be the BEST baker and cook as well.  I wanted to do something extra special for her and the other moms that were invited to dinner so when I found this adorably clever container for a cupcake I knew I had to create it.  Thanks to Claudine Hellmuth (Retro Oven template and tutorial) it was easy and fun!

After creating several of these I have one HUGE hint.  Make sure everything lines up perfectly when assembling or you'll get a crooked me!  Other than that they all went together seamlessly.  

A little chocolate gift  went to all the someday mothers (daughters, nieces, etc.).  Each treat was labeled with a  sweet tag found here

Add a few chocolate covered strawberries, a fabulous dinner, hugs and kisses all around, and we have SWEET SUCCESS.

Love You MOM!

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