Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer of Movies and Milkshakes-Teacher Thank Yous

To say THANK YOU our wonderful teachers deserve big cash prizes or trips to Bermuda to lounge by the pool side for days, or weeks at a time.  We couldn't quite come up with that this year so for our thank you gifts we went with A Summer of Movies and Milkshakes.

We put together these adorable little ice cream trucks from Claudine Hellmuth.  When creating these little trucks I would offer the same hints as given in my Retro oven post.  The trucks are even quicker to put together and so much fun!  

Inside the ice cream truck we included gift cards to Sonic (for milkshakes) and Redbox (for movies).  I also placed the truck on top of a Sees Summertime assortment box...(only $4.00)  

Stuck a fun straw in the top of the truck and attached the flower tag found here or make your own.  Then wrapped in cellophane.

The template also comes with a removable cupcake tray.  You just might want to include a yummy cupcake. 

Jen went a step further and added the gift certificates/cards to the truck window.  I like it!

We hope our teachers and friends love their summer of fun and get lots of good rest.  We'll see you in the Fall!

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