Sunday, May 25, 2014

No Name Chicken - MMMmmm Monday

This recipe has no "official name". I've called or heard it called many things
Cream Cheese Chicken
Marilyn Johnson Chicken (named after the person I got it from)
Mozzarella Chicken
Crock Pot Chicken and Rice
and the list goes on....
I decided for this post I would call it "No Name Chicken"
but I'm already regretting this decision. You see, Kellie and I started this Blog rather selfishly. We chat on the phone all the time and are always talking about events we are planning or recipes we are making for dinner. With Pinterest we can say "I pinned this great recipe, check my board" This has been awesome! When we started the blog though, pinterest was just getting started and we thought this blog would be a great place to keep track of all our parties, recipes, and anything else we wanted to document so that later we can refer to it.
So....why do I think I might regret calling this no name chicken? Well, because when I am in the store thinking about what to make for dinner and I think of this delicious meal I wont remember the name for it when I search the Chocolates for Breakfast Blog.
There you have it. My rambling....
This is an awesome, delicious recipe I got at a recipe exchange years ago in Relief Society. I have made this countless times and it is ALWAYS a hit. My friend Jody even added Mozzarella Cheese to it and that has made it even more!
So during this hot summer when you don't want to heat the house, but want a hearty meal give this a shot.
No Name Chicken
Place 4-6 (or more) chicken breast on the bottom of your crock pot 
Pour 1/2 cup milk over chicken
sprinkle with a package of Italian dressing mix
Mix together in separate bowl 8 oz. cream cheese and 1 can cream of mushroom soup.
Pour over chicken.
Cook on high 4 hours, low 6-7 hours or until chicken is cooked and you can shred.
Serve over rice.
 Variation: layer rice, a slice of mozzarella cheese, chicken and then sauce.
Please comment below and let us know how you like it!

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