Monday, May 26, 2014

Grad Money Pad's

I wanted to share a fun Graduation gift I made for the 4 graduates we have in our lives this year! I made these last year too and I also made one for my Dad for Father's Day. This money pad could be used for any occasion.  
I pinned this idea to Pinterest last year and when I went to look at the directions again this year, the blog "Making Life Whimsical" where I got it could not be located. Here is the link though.
Items you need:
  • New Money. Head to your bank and order or request NEW money. You want the money to crisp and clean. My bank doesn't let me order $1 bills new so I had to order $2 bills. It was fine though and I thought it was unique.
  • Print the free printable Grad Money Pad designs found here OR create your own for any occasion.
  • Padding Compound to make your pad stick together so that they can rip the money off like a note pad. I got mine on etsy.
  • Clothes Pins or binder clips to make the pad stay in place while drying
  • a paint brush or sponge brush to apply compound
  • Chipboard and stickers to decorate the card
Cut out the cover and back of your printable to the EXACT size of the money.  Layer the money how you want it and clip with clothes pins. 
 Work around pins to apply the padding compound and let sit on wax paper until dry. Apply several coats
 While money pad is drying, decorate the chipboard with stickers
 Once completely dry, glue to chipboard
Some of my clips stuck to the top of the pad and ripped off some of the ink, so I just cut some ribbon and attached it to the top of the money pad.
 Tie with Ribbon and you're done!

Congrats Seniors:
 Brinlee & Nicole

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  1. Such a fun idea and they turned out so cute! My grad sure loved receiving one of them!!