Sunday, June 1, 2014

Picture Perfect-Grad Photo Cash Book

It's a Graduation Gift everyone will love!


Mom will be thrilled with a book of beautiful pictures of her amazing child.  The Graduate?...well just wait.  There is a surprise waiting for him inside that book as well.

These photo books are easily created through Heritage Makers.  Templates are available for most anything.  Just download your pictures and customize to fit your needs!

Beautiful quality with all shapes and sizes.

Talk about customizing...I knew my nephew would appreciate all the pictures in the photo book but I thought I would add just a few custom pages that included CASH!

Every few pages I inserted "Cash For The Graduate" pages.  I created pages that had pictures of dollar bills (and not just $1 bills!) and then placed the "real thing" over the picture with a removable Glue Dot.

I could hardly wait for Nate to start flipping through the pages of the photo book...

Nate thanked me for the gift with an "Aunt Kellie that is an AWESOME gift!"  I think he appreciated the photos but I know he REALLY appreciated the cold hard cash!

I also included the Sees Graduation Hat because of course a gift isn't complete without CHOCOLATE! 

Congratulations 2014 Graduates!

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