Monday, June 23, 2014

Fill IT, Flap IT, then Roll IT--Girls Camp Roll

I just sent my youngest daughter off to a week long Girls Camp today.  She has been looking forward to this day for years.  She's watched several siblings leave and  then come back with great stories of adventures and fun.  And now it's her turn!  (Not sure how I feel about letting her go...)

I try and send something special with my kids when they leave me behind!  Maybe because I want them to remember me when they are having so much fun...without me.  I just send food with my son, and he's good with that.  My daughters...well I try and create something special for them.  

This year my mom (she's the seamstress) and I created this for Kate.  A Camp Roll.  A rolled up piece of fabric with slots for the necessities of camp living.

Start with a piece of fabric you like, or in my case fabric my daughter liked.  She didn't know she was picking out her own fabric because it was a secret.  We took a pattern from a makeup brush fabric roll I've had for years. It was perfect.  Make sure it's long enough to fold a flap for the slots.

Bind the sides with coordinating fabric (not necessary but nice if you know how).  
Flap it, fill it, then roll it.

Tie a pretty ribbon around it to keep secure.  We used the sewing machine to attach the ribbon for extra security...not necessary.

In one of the pouches I slipped a note from mom with suggestions for a great camp experience.  
Here are a few:

1. Obey with Exactness...we talk about that all the time don’t we.  If your leaders ask you to do something, do it.  They want you to have a great time too!
2. your sleeping bag, in the shower and any other place you get a private moment.
3. Get the sleep you need.  Have fun but get a little sleep or you will find the next day kind of hard...hiking, swimming, eating, certifying, etc. can all be exhausting if you’re not getting a little sleep.
4. Remember to eat the healthy stuff too!
5. Be kind to others...even if they are not so kind to you...that includes the leaders.  They are working hard for you...and probably miss their families too.
6. Find special moments to think about your testimony of our Savior.  Listen to your you have devotionals?  Share some of your thoughts with close friends.  Help their testimonies grow as well.
7. Wear flip flops in the shower! 
8. Take the time to observe nature.  You will have many opportunities to see the Lord’s hand in your life as you look will find calm and peace. 

Remember to fit in a few of their favorite treats to go along with the toothbrush, toothpaste and flashlight.

Whoooo... Loves Camp?  I hope Kate does!

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