Monday, June 2, 2014

Celebrate Summer with a SWIG

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What's a SWIG?  Well in the olden days we used to say, "Can I have a swig of your drink?"  Now-a-days we have a drive-by-drink shop called SWIG that allows us to choose slushies, smoothies and fountain drinks...with a twist.  
Check out their website.
(They also have DELICIOUS Frosted Sugar nothing you've tasted before!  They are actually 'frosted' because they keep them in the refrigerator until time to serve...nice, chewy, cold and refreshing)

We decided we wanted to give our teachers "A Swig" to start their summer celebrations.  This is what we came up with.

Jen found the sunglass-straw plastic glassware at Hobby Lobby.  Remember to bring your 40% off coupon.

We filled the glass with several (6 to 8) single serving size Crystal Light and other lemonade powder mixes.  Then added a SWIG gift card.

A fun SWIG Tag was created, hole punched the top, slid the straw through the hole and then tied a ribbon around the straw.  The sunglasses, the bright colors, the cool drink...just screams SUMMER!

Here is a jpg version of the SWIG tag. 

Also available in Jamba Juice fashion.
Print on glossy brochure paper (found at most office supplies stores).

I'm ready for a BIG SWIG right now!...and maybe a cool, refreshing sugar cookie.  
Great start to the summer.

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