Saturday, June 7, 2014

Kate's Lemonade Stand OPEN For Business

My children are constantly looking for ways to earn a little cash.  They have big dreams of constant fun and wishes for new electronic gadgets.  My husband and I try hard to encourage "work hard, play hard."  Sometimes it PAYS off!  

Kate decided the only way she was going to earn the money she needed/wanted for all the summer camps she was looking to attend was to open her lemonade stand.  We live in an area with lots of great kids looking for places to hang out and have fun.    

The lemonade stand is open twice weekly throughout the summer months from 1-4PM.  Kate kicks back in a big lounge chair under her shade umbrella and reads a good book until customers start arriving.  I've noticed that after the first friend comes by many more start to join.  Sometimes we have a little crowd on the front lawn sipping lemonade and slushies.  

We have one young man that comes often for bags of cookies.

Kate has already learned a few being that some of the profits have to replenish products that were previously sold out.  She was a little shocked by that business principle!

The lemonade stand was made from old wooden pallets (most often free of charge).  The stand can either be for small or taller children depending on the way you set the pallet.  Two fold-out boards hold the stand upright and stable.  A little paint and few spare pieces of wood you've got yourself an official summer business!


The customers have offered their opinions...
"This is reeeealy good!"  We aim to please!

Some friends have asked if they could sell their goodies at the lemonade stand.  Kate thought about it for a bit and then realized she could feature "Gracie's Homemade Cookies" and that would bring in more business...for a cut of the profit.  Kate is developing a little entrepreneurial spirit.  
Gotta love it.

Bring on the summer fun!

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