Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thanks & Giving Activity (Turkey Toss)

Thanks & Giving Activity (Turkey Toss)
Primary Singing Time

I have been serving as the Chorister in our congregation's Primary, an organization like Sunday School, for children.  Today we learned a bit about how important it is to be mindful of our blessings and to remember to be thankful for them.

I explained to the children that I brought some fine feathered friends with me to help each of us with our THANKS and GIVING singing activity and then asked them to think about these two questions:

1.      What blessings has Heavenly Father given me?
(Almost every child raised their hand to share a blessing they had been given from Heavenly Father)
2.    How can I show my thanks to Him?

·        Toss the bean bag and see which turkey you throw closest to. 
·        Read one of the blessings on the back feathers.
·        How do I show thanks to Heavenly Father for…
·        Sing the corresponding song.        

Heavenly Father -I Need My Heavenly Father-pg. 18 CSB          
The Savior-I Have Two Little Hands-pg. 272 CSB                 
Scriptures-Scripture Power-sheet music                  
Prayer-A Child’s Prayer-pg. 12 CSB
Our Prophet-Follow the Prophet-pg. 110 CSB        
Temples-I Love to see the Temple-pg. 95 CSB
Families-Families Can Be Together-pg. 188 CSB   

The "Rafter of Turkeys" instruction came from Primarily Singing
and I have to express my thanks for making it so easy to re-create these adorable turkeys.  I love it when I see a picture of what I want and then when I create it, it looks pretty much the same!

The children enjoyed trying to "tag" the turkey with a little hacky sack (bean bag).

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