Sunday, November 30, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside-Baby Shower for Kendall

This week we gathered together to celebrate sweet baby Kendall's arrival with a "Baby It's Cold Outside" baby shower.

Lots of yummy appetizers and sweet somethings were served.

And I promise to share some of these fabulous recipes in an upcoming blog post.  

Katherine created the beautiful cupcakes.

The Cocoa bar was a warm addition.

Wonderful, generous friends and family brought beautiful gifts of love.

While at the shower we created a little book of 
"Mommy-Baby Advice" and sent it home with Kendall and her mom.  It was the closest thing we could get to a New Baby Girl How-to-Manual.  Some great advice, even for an "experienced" mom like me!

OH BABY!  A "Sweet Somethings" thank you for coming.

Congratulations to Bianca and our sweet baby Kendall.

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  1. Thanks mom for being the best mom and grandma! Thank you for throwing this baby shower for us, it was so fun. Kendall and I love you forever and ever!