Friday, December 29, 2017

Rocky Road Fudge (Auntie Gayle's Recipe)

If you like nuts, marshmallows and chocolaty goodness, this fudge is THE VERY BEST.  And I have tried many fudge recipes looking for this taste.  Thanks for sharing Auntie Gayle!

The Hershey Bars are a delicious part of this fudge.

Reaching the 7 min. mark.

You need a strong wooden spoon for stirring!

I used a 9x13 pan...almost over-flowing with fudge.  Will probably use a jelly roll pan next time.  Would still allow for pretty thick pieces. 

A very smooth, rich chocolate taste.  And nutty!  If you don't care for nuts leave them out or substitute something you do like. 

Rocky Road Fudge

5 cups sugar
1 large can evap. milk (NOT sweetened cond. milk)
1 cup butter
2-8 oz Hershey milk chocolates with almond bars
12 oz milk (or semi-sweet) choc. chips
2 tsp. vanilla
2 large marshmallow cream jars
1/2 pound walnuts (chopped)
1/2 pound pecans (chopped) optional
1 large bag marshmallows (frozen-a must)

Grease 9x13 dripper pan or 11x14 jelly roll pan.  (This makes ALOT of fudge)

Butter sides of large heavy saucepan.  Stir constantly first 3 ingredients until sugar is dissolved.  Do not scrape sides of pan.  This is where the sugar crystal form and will make your fudge taste grainy.  Stirring occasionally bring to boil for 7 min.  

Pour into bowl of choc. chips, and candy bars.  Mix until creamy and add vanilla.  Combine nuts and frozen bag of marshmallows and add to chocolate mixture.  Pour into prepared pan(s).  Let set, then cut.

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