Saturday, February 22, 2014

Craft Table and Ribbon Storage

My husband gave me an extra gift after Christmas! (Part of it was that I think he was tired of seeing things all over our dining room table and never having a place to eat) but most of it was because he is an awesome guy who loves to make me happy. He is a seriously handy guy. He has done SO MUCH around our house. If he doesn't know how to do it, he will look it up on line and figure it out. I am so lucky. I love to give him projects so I'm not sure how lucky he feels but I really appreciate it. I mentioned that I would love a craft table and this cool ribbon holder that I saw on Capture the Moment's Blog.
He took a look and said he thought he could make it happen.
We took a trip to Lowe's and bought all the necessary building materials. It was probably pretty funny watching us load up the minivan with these huge boards but hey- it worked.
At first I was thinking I wanted to make the table out of an old door or something cool like that, but then while we were at Lowe's we decided on something more practical. For the table we bought a large piece of melamine and had them cut it at Lowe's to 3' X 8'.  We also bought a pre-made leg for the side without a wall. Brent built 2'x3' supports under the table so that it would be nice and sturdy. He finished it with 1'x4' poplar wood around the edges.
A few years ago, he built me these awesome shelves to hold all my party pedestals, trays and just general party stuff. They are amazing and I love that they are out in the open so I can remember what I have!
I decided to put all my twine, baking cups, cupcake wrappers and just other little odds and ends in these cute jars.
I got the jars at Hobby Lobby and the drawer pulls at Rod Works. I love how they turned out.
 My ribbon holder has been amazing. I love how it looks and it's so functional. Everything is right where I can see it and get to it. Brent made it bigger than the one from the "Capture the Moment". (mine is 38' W x 31' H) I have a ton of ribbon and he knew I would need more.
  I also made a few apothecary jars to hold some bigger supplies. The taller one was made from a large pickle jar with a wooden finial from Lowe's and a tall black candlestick from Hobby Lobby. The smaller jar is made from a small black candlestick and a medium sized jar from Hobby Lobby and the same wooden finial from Lowe's.
 I'm really happy with how it turned out and I use it constantly.
Yay for handy husbands!!

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