Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rustic Burlap and Lace Bridal Shower

Last summer I was given the privilege of hosting my niece's bridal shower.  She requested decorations brimming with "burlap and lace, and just a little rustic charm."  

The weather cooperated for an outdoor setting.  It was a warm, breezy early summer evening-perfect for entertaining.

We set up Kate's Lemonade Stand to provide cool, refreshing beverages.

Gathered a few of our vintage furniture pieces and placed them in the backyard.  Added market umbrellas, which are neither rustic nor vintage but provided great shade!

Appropriately worn benches and stools provided seating as well as plant stands.

Beautiful baskets and pots of flowering shrubs created a nice addition to the landscaping.

As the guests gathered we offered a little Bride and Groom quiz.  I learned a few new things about the happy couple.  Things like who made the first move, who best knows the countdown to the wedding, who hates spiders more...the answers surprised me!

There were also favorite snacks of the bride and groom.  Take a few scoops!

Inside we served up quite a spread of deliciousness.  Homemade pies from grandma (who is famous for her flaky crusts), cookies, cake pops, strawberry tarts and other favorites of the bride.

If you haven't tasted homemade rhubarb custard pie you haven't lived!

Kisses, of course!

A vintage wooden box held bakery cookies along side cups and plates.

One of the bride's favorite quotes-

We had such good time planning, preparing and hosting all this fun.

Coming up...It's a Rustic Wedding Reception!

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  1. Adorable bridal shower!! The outdoor setting is simply awesome. Want to arrange my niece’s birthday too. Planning to book one of famous New York wedding venues for it. Already made great plans for the day. Just hope will succeed in my plans.

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