Sunday, July 26, 2015

Primary Pioneer Singing Time Trek

We’re going on a Pioneer Trek-Singing Time Style! 

Our Primary's Sacrament meeting program is scheduled for late September this year with a long list of songs to sing.  I thought it might be fun to plan an activity that would allow for lots of review time.  But in a fun and interactive way.

We started the activity by choosing two "Trail Bosses" to organize the Trail Map on the blackboard. I used Camille's map in several puzzle pieces and asked the trail bosses to organize and then call out WAGONS HO!

As we reviewed our program songs our covered wagon moved along the trail.

"We need to reach Salt Lake before the end of singing time...for some must push and some must pull!"

I explained that I had a wooden box filled with things that pioneer children loved.  If we could get to the end of the trail before singing time was done we would find out what was in the box.  The incentive worked wonderfully!

Our pioneer trail had some pretty important places on it.  We stopped briefly to learn just a bit about them before we moved on.  At each stop we sang one of our program songs.

#1. Challenges in Missouri HERE
#2.  Exploring Nauvoo HERE
#3. The Nauvoo Temple & Carthage Jail HERE
#4.  Waiting in Winter Quarters HERE
#5.  Martin's Cove HERE
#6.  This is the Place HERE
(The links are on Camille's website)

"Listen closely because you just might need to know something important at the end of the trail to receive an authentic (or not) piece of Pioneer candy."  

We talked about how important it must have been for Pioneer children to play games at the end of their long day of walking.

As EVERY CHILD sang the review songs the Hooey Stick's propeller would get faster and faster.  When we were singing a reverent review song we had to sing so softly that we could hear the buzz saw buzz!

We arrived safely and on time with most of our songs having been reviewed.  And we had fun along the way.  

Pioneer children sang as they walked and walked...and walked!

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