Thursday, April 7, 2016

High School Parking Lot Spaces=Artwork

 Isn't this the coolest thing ever!  Parking slot artwork!  

Evidently this high school in San Diego county invites their senior students to invest in a little property.

For a small fee the student can purchase a space to call their very own for their last year of high school.  The seniors come very early in the morning a couple of weeks before the beginning of the new school year and stake out their parking place.  First come, first choice.

They are given specific instructions of what can be used to "paint" their place.  Once completed and approved they are responsible for the upkeep throughout the year.

The spot is theirs to park in every school day.  
As we parked our car it felt like we were covering up great works of art.  BTW-we were there on a Saturday.

  So many talented seniors.  

I thought it was a great way to encourage responsibility and pride of least for one entire school year.

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