Wednesday, April 6, 2016

NOW PLAYING-Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week

I was asked to be in charge of our Jr. High School's Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week.  Of course I said YES, along with a huge committee of very capable, creative people.

As our committee was searching for fun TA week themes and ideas, we had a hard time coming up with older student events.  Most of the ideas online were for elementary aged kids.  We tweaked those ideas a bit and came up with what we thought could be a great Jr. High fun-filled week.

We love our teachers and think they deserve much more than just one week...  

But like the brochure advertises--
Be prepared to experience the week of a lifetime...or at least four days of great food and fun.

Brochure outside  

Brochure inside

The brochures were folded and then slipped into a cellophane bag with a movie treat inside.

They were delivered the Friday before TA Week so all would know what to plan for the next week.

The school teacher/staff lunchroom was set up on that same Friday.

To avoid unnecessary spending we borrowed "decor" from several of our parent's home theater rooms.  The decor set a perfect stage for the week.

One of our moms made gigantic signs to remind the students of the fun they were invited to participate in, with their teachers.

Vader Taters and More
Star Wars themed lunch

The teachers had a visit from Mr. Vader.  They also packed their own sack lunch with all kinds of options (see brochure).

The teacher movie quiz was introduced.

We also displayed all the movie trivia questions for the students to try and guess as well. 1-15

Disney Scene It
Students vs. teachers during lunch break was awesome!

Breakfast Club Awaits You
Entry into the Breakfast Club was by Detention slip only

The detention slip was stapled to a little cello bag of Captain Crunch and a Pixie stick.  Put in the teacher boxes the day before to remind them to come a bit early for breakfast.

We served breakfast casseroles, fresh pastries and orange rolls, fruit, OJ and milk.  And by the way...All of the food for each meal was donated by local vendors and our wonderful parents.

The students and teachers participated in a TOP GUN Paper Airplane contest at lunch time.  We definitely had some crazy flight plans.

FROZEN Ice Cream Parlor
After school ice cream sundae bar

Olaf was there.

Along with some beautiful snowflakes and FROZEN banners.

The invite/reminders for the teacher boxes were snowman parts.

And then of course all the gourmet ice cream and fixins.  

The lunchtime activity with the students was a Napoleon Dynamite dance-off.  It was HILARIOUS!  I wish I could show you the pictures.

NACHO Average Salad Bar
Wear your stretchy pantsfor an authentic lunch time fiesta.  Mucho food to eat. No Lucha Libre wrestling, please. 

Because it was St. Patrick's Day we also served delicious Mint Brownies and other homemade finger desserts.

The Movie Quiz contest winners were announced and awarded Movie Pack Prizes.  All of the candy was donated by our local Nestle company.  Nice!

The packs also included local movie theater tickets, popcorn and RedBox Gift cards.  There were even a few grand prizes that had restaurant gift cards, hair stylist coupons, gym memberships, etc.  (Containers came from Oriental Trading)

Find the RedBox template here 

The week ended on day four...teachers (and students) were calendared to have Friday off from school.  I'm sure that was the best treat of all!

Friday was rest day for the Teacher Appreciation Committee.  We don't know how teachers do it every single school day!

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