Friday, August 23, 2013

Baby's First Toe Shoes

 My mom is awesome!  Her four daughters are constantly coming up with great sewing ideas and for some reason none of us have her sewing talent.  When we were young (grade school age) mom used to sew all of our clothes.  One year she worked half the night so that we could all have matching Easter dresses.  Easter morning came and to her dismay (and probably ours) we all had chicken pox and ended up spending a very long Easter day in our jammies.

Because our mom loves to sew, and loves us she seems not to mind when we call her and hint at another new idea we need her "help" with.  

This was my latest.

I'm always looking for unique, affordable gift ideas for a baby shower.  My mom and I were in a fabric/quilt shop and we saw this pattern for adorable baby shoes.  "Mom, look how cute!  Do you think you could make these?" 

And she did!

And then I created the packaging.

Now my mom, sisters and I have several baby shower gifts ready and waiting!  At least for a baby girl.

This tag was placed on the bottom of the box with shoes on top.

Wrap ribbon around the box and then place label on top.

Lots of fabric baby shoe patterns found at fabric/quilts shops.  You can also buy inexpensive shoes at department stores, Wal-Mart, etc. and then package them.  I'm still looking for cute baby boy converse high tops.

This pattern came from:  Curby's Closet

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  1. I just texted Mom to ask her if she would make me some! ;) Love it!

  2. Well, looks like I need to have a baby girl so I can get some of those! So cute!!!

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