Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Vintage Garden Wedding Reception

I love Kaylee Webster Designs!  And I love Kaylee.  When she asked me to help her with a friend's wedding reception I immediately said yes, please.  I always learn so much when I'm with Kaylee.  One of those important tidbits that I've learned from her--if you have the "right stuff" it's easy to make events look magical. 

Kaylee prepared some beautiful flowers, brightly lit chandelier wreaths and a whole host of wonderful vintage styled extras for the reception.  The "right stuff" for this event was finding this stunning backyard.  It was truly magical.    

This carefully sculpted sanctuary is manicured often by a woman that needs a little garden therapy.  Actually she must need it every day because her garden is quite big and beautiful.  

I absolutely love the pillars and arches.  Made a beautiful backdrop for the charming bride and groom pictures.

Also loved the big iron gates.

Visit Kaylee's blog for an in-depth look at her reception decorating ideas.  Kaylee Webster Designs

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  1. I love these photos!!! Thank you for sharing! And thank you for helping to make Shelby's and Jordan's big day beautiful!