Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's A Purple Potluck Picnic Party with Personal Progress

What a fun purple potluck picnic we had!  At the first of the year our young women gather in several committees and plan our Personal Progress activities for the entire year.  We don't usually plan specifics but instead make plans with a theme attached.  This committee planned an activity that was both fun and fabulous.

eat drink chic provided the inspiration for the invite.

Let’s Picnic!
It’s a Purple Potlock Picnic Party…with Personal Progress

6:30                     Welcome-Opening Prayer and Blessing on Food

7:00                     Explanation of evening
                             Speakers:         Margie F.
Stephanie A.
                                                Kathie M.
                                                Tonya F.
                                                Lorraine L.
8:00                     YWIE forms with mom-what will you display

8:30                     Thank You
                             Handouts:       wear purple: lim balm, tic tacs
                                                          Temple recommend holder
                             closing prayer

**Speakers to share a personal story or thought regarding their experiences relating to ordinances and covenants (specific to the temple)

Moms were invited to this picnic party.  As purple party goers arrived they were invited to sit at a table and try to answer as many questions as they could on this form:

The first table with a completed, correct form was invited to the picnic buffet...first.

Our young women helped to create the flower table centerpieces made from Dum Dum suckers, cupcake cups, ribbon and a pail.  Easy.  

The guest speakers shared beautiful, thought provoking messages and testimonies and every young woman was given a few things to take home.  Purple Lip Balm--to remember to keep her words and actions worthy to enter the temple.  Purple breath mints--because it's nice to have fresh breath in the temple.  And one more purple item.

A lanyard with tag reading Stand Ye in Holy Places.  This serves several purposes.  One to help remind girls to stand in holy places and be ready and willing to attend the temple often.  They were encouraged to have a current recommend at all times and for ease in locating the recommend we suggested they tuck it into the lanyard and hang it on their dresser, their bed post or where they would see it daily.  Some young women even wore it to the temple!

Find the free download of tag here.
For a few bucks I special ordered the lip balm and tic tac labels from here.

The young women and their moms signed up in advance to bring potluck items.  The table was brimming with all kinds of good food when the picnic began.

One of our young women is an artist when it comes to cupcakes.  Sofia crafted these beautiful purple flower cupcakes for the picnic.  Guess what she used for the center of the flower?  Purple Laffy Taffy!  

Purple stands for Integrity, one of the young women values.  It's good to be with such wonderful young girls who strive daily to Stand in Holy Places.  

For more information about the Young Women's program click here.

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