Thursday, February 19, 2015

Four Corners-Primary Singing Time Activity

Four Corners
(We will review the song He Sent His Son CSB pg. 34-35)

This activity helps keep things fun when reviewing an already familiar Primary song.  With the Four Corner activity we sing the song many times…which offers lots of fun REVIEW!  

Thanks Sara Andersen Ferrell (Primary Chorister Facebook page) for the great idea! 

Before Primary Day
Review activity with Primary Presidency.  This activity requires ACTIVE Participation and may not be appropriate for what the presidency has prepared for sharing time. 

If approved, prepare signs and flipcharts.  I just googled the signs and added my instructions for children.  Cut out, laminate (if desired) and then attach a Popsicle stick.  For easy display pop all completed signs in an unused (or clean) paint can.

Primary Day
1.  Number each corner of the room (4 corners-Stop and Sing sign).
2.    Attached corresponding flip charts to the wall of each corner (2 each).
3.    Establish rules and ask for complete cooperation from children.  I will ask children to raise their hand if they are willing to obey the reverence rules. (Quiet sign)
4.  Divide the classes to the corners and ask to stand by number (encouraging reverence).
5.     Each group will sing their Q/A then listen quietly to the other groups.
6.    Once completed a reverent child will be invited to choose a “directional sign” that will explain how we move to the next corner.  (Directional signs to "walk" to the new corner- tiptoe, and sideways shuffle, arms folded, linked arms, hands overhead, follow the leader, etc.)  Now watch for the GO sign and move to next corner.

Our Reverence Rules
1 .    Must sing beautifully and have fun.
2.    Must obey the directional signs.
3.    Watch for the Quiet Sign.  Must be completely silent for next directions.
4.    Cannot move from corner to corner until you see the GO sign.
5.     If the traffic cops (Primary Presidency-at each corner) gives you a traffic citation (a tap on the shoulder) you must return to your seat and quietly wait for the activity to be over.  You might be invited back for good behavior.

Looking forward to Sunday's Primary Singing Time!

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