Sunday, February 8, 2015

Heart Attack-Primary Singing Time Style

We had a fun time in Primary Singing Time today. 
Thank you Bobbie at Crafts by Friends for the great idea!

Just a few conversation hearts, a poster board, cute fonts and and lots of beautiful Primary children voices made for a great 20 minutes of singing time and a gigantic Valentine card for our Bishop

I bought a foam board (because it was sturdy), 

A package of Velcro fasteners and Terrifically Tacky Tape (Provo Craft),

Downloaded a couple of free fonts 
(True Stories, Lane-Narrow), 

And gathered free digital multi-colored conversation hearts.

The tacky tape helped secure the Bishop message hearts and the Velcro allowed conversation hearts to come on and off the board as we sang the "Love" songs.

This list of songs correlated with the conversation hearts.

Singing Time:
The Primary children were invited to come up front (one at a time) to choose a conversation heart and then attach it to the valentine card (poster board).  After each heart was chosen we would then sing the song.
The Nursery children participated and loved being included with the big kids!

After Primary we presented the Heart Attack Valentine Card (along with some Valentine cookies) to our Bishop.  He thinks our Primary children are pretty awesome!

We agreed and thought that each of our children deserved a little Valentine to take home.  Gummy Friendship Bands (found at Walmart)!

We love Primary and love doing extra-special things that help others feel loved!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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