Monday, January 11, 2016

Let's Go To The Movies-NOW SHOWING: Kate's 12th Birthday Celebration

I've been looking back at some of the great birthday parties we've had.  This was a particularly great one with just a bit of drama and stress involved.  We had planned on holding the big shin-dig at a friend's home theater complete with a concession stand, bistro tables and a soda fountain.  A couple of days before the party there was an emergency that would not allow us to be there.  AAHHH!

With quick thinking and a little creative help we were able to pull off a pretty great Movie Theater Birthday Party. 

We draped the front door with black, sparkly material and gold ropes.  Used a rod iron floor easel to present the directional cinema sign and added balloons and twinkling lights as pathway lighting.  

Now for a little inside theater ambiance.  A concession table, big plush pillows and a big screen tv.  Not bad for last minute.

As the party guests arrived they were invited to perform certain tasks to earn concession tickets.

Of course everyone wanted as many tickets as they could possibly earn for these fun movie snacks!

Our photo booth idea was a giant gilded frame that groups of girls would stick their cute faces through for a photo shot.  One shot actually fit 10 faces in the frame!

After a couple of hours of movies, games, presents and lots of fun the birthday girl thanked each of her guests and sent them home with a little parting gift, complete with REAL movie tickets.  That way they could all get together again for another great evening at the movies.

The party was a success!  For a last minute, throw-together event our birthday girl loved it!  Thank goodness!

Box of tickets and popcorn containers were found at a local party store.

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