Thursday, June 9, 2016

Graduation Gift Card with Diploma Dollar Bills

Have you mailed out all your graduation gift cards?  If not, here's your quick fix.

Actually one of the easiest grad gifts I've ever done, except for maybe the Sees graduation hat filled with chocolates!  Yum.

Thanks kiki and company!
Free graduation card templete found here

I added the graphic to my favorite chevron print.  Then added a personal message.

Ready to go, almost.

Punch two tiny holes (see template).  Insert skinny black ribbon through holes.  Curl up a $20.00 bill (or $1, $5, $10 or $100!) and tie the black ribbon to the card.  

My dollar bill was a little larger than the kiki picture because my card was a 5x7...I would assume just a bit smaller than the one kiki created.

Address the envelope.  Done!
Nice presentation, little or no stress, and something every graduate will appreciate.

Love clever ideas!  Thanks again kiki and company.  Will there be a 2017 card coming soon?

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