Monday, June 27, 2016

Primary "Drive-In" Activity

We had a really fun Primary Activity at church recently. One of our teachers had given me this idea and I pitched it to the counselor over this activity and she thought it sounded great too! Off we went...
To start off, I checked Pinterest for ideas to make cardboard cars and there were TONS of fun ideas. I let the primary families know about a month ahead of time and sent out an e-mail with some photos so they had PLENTY of time to help their kids make the cars at home. 
I was in charge of the concessions area. I have been in charge many times before, for the school plays. I used my candy machine that my handy husband made for me for Willy Wonka years ago. It's been stuffed behind one of my kids beds for years that I almost forgot about it! It takes a lot of candy to fill, but it is so fun. 
I printed a free "concessions" banner I found on-line added a few striped tablecloths and popcorn machine and we were in buisness! 
 My co-planner, Janay and her husband, Mel built this AMAZING Car Wash for the kids to drive their cars through. It was so fun! 

We have a projector, so we projected the movie up onto the wall. We piped the sound into the speakers so it was nice and loud. The kids sat through the whole thing! I think the fact that the sound was pretty loud helped because they felt they were in a theater. We also turned most of the lights off. 

It was a very succesful party that required some of pre-planning and set-up but was so easy during. We just sat with the kids, re-filled some candy and popcorn and enjoyed the movie!

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